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What We Do in Leadership Workshops

I facilitate leadership workshops and training for professionals to discover their perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep-rooted passion for personal transformation can = an engaged and high performing employee.

My workshops and training unlock leadership potential by understanding that the leader is the person in the moment that is aware of their attitude and the variables in a room. Anyone can be a leader by checking in with themselves and deciding who they will influence in the moment.



We Work For Organizations

 Our learning and development approach increases team performance. EX combines User Experience(UX) and leadership development methodologies to increase employee engagement, retention and shape your organization’s culture.  The Ebenum Equation team works with management to prototype impactful EX programs from recruitment to retention.  Think of EX as defining the relationship between you and your employees. We partner with you to align organizational culture and values to design an EX that pulls the employees closer to your vision.

  • Increase revenue & profit
  • Increase KPI’s by 20%
  • Prototype and test ideas
  • Acquire leadership skills  



Why We Do Leadership Workshops

Our strength is in the restructure.

We support clients while they remain within their framework and redesign their career.

We are experts in designing structure and order to help you optimally layout your career. Your ideal image of your career is possible with focused action.

We believe that you are all you need to step out of knowing into doing and prototyping our careers and life.

We encourage clients to action their ideas and start building.


Ebony Smith, MS, PCC

Ebony Smith is an Executive Coach specializing in growth, resiliency, leadership and creating high energy relationships. Ebony gained her corporate experience in the oil and gas industry originating financial derivatives deals. She has worked globally for the past 18 years. Ebony works with her clients to clarify and align their personal values and goals with the corporate objectives. Ebony has a master’s degree from St. Joseph University of Philadelphia. She is a certified professional coach. Ebony has numerous additional trainings and certifications that she uses to partner with her clients. Ebony loves to travel globally, to experience culture and food. 

Ebony’s typical clients are mid-career to senior executives that are successful but feel like a 5%-10% shift is needed. Her clients want to find tools to enable their growth.  They are leaders who possess unrecognized and underutilized skills or strengths.  Ebony works with each person’s unique business acumen to develop a personal toolbox of leadership skills . She uses leadership workshops and training classes to facilitate her clients exposure to new ideas. Her clients learn to be all-in, all the time.  Ebony’s leaders have a variety of corporate roles. She has worked specifically with product managers, UX designers, developers, human resource directors, recruiting and logistics managers in the technology sector.



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