The Resilience Architect Leadership Design Program 

  Information+ Application= Transformation

Resilience skills can be taught, sharpened, practiced and exercised like an athlete. We work with clients to add processes and tools, so they can be malleable, adaptable- have bounce! Resilience is not often thought of as a skill you can practice and hone, but a great leader taps into resiliency seamlessly.

Let’s Get Started

Leadership Redesign Session

A strategic deep dive session that focuses on your goals and opportunities. It’s a great way to start the Ebenum Equation experience. It’s a 2-3 hour session that generates new ideas, identifies your strengths and gaps, frames an action plan and helps you reconnect to your career.

Let’s Design  my Vision

Contract Coaching

Contracts are four to twelve coaching sessions used to design, launch and tweak your professional skills and goals.

I am ready

A Resilience Leadership Mastermind Group

Engage with other professionals twice a month to stay accountable to your personal growth.

Mastermind Groups

Our Core Service

Our approach to Executive Coaching empowers leaders to innovate their skills through a curated Employee Experience(EX). EX combines User Experience(UX) and leadership development methodologies to increase employee engagement, retention and shape your organization’s culture. Leadership roadblocks are expected, but leadership innovation is the first redesign step.  We encourage our clients to action a 5% shift leveraging their ideas and start building the vision.

Designing your Employee Experience is critical for competitively operating in a global economy. Many employees have multiple managers and multiple roles. The culture shifts, when you holistically design the employee experience to reflect all facets of the employee.

“I highly recommend the Leadership C.A.R. experience with Ebony Smith—her calm, compassionate and insightful facilitation of the program cultivated a highly impactful collective outcome.”- Lynn, CFA

  • Take the hand you have been dealt and consistently win with your leadership tool kit
  • Understand your personality type and how you process information and interact with others
  • Unleash your creativity to redesign your leadership skills and prototype your ideal leadership style
  • Reawaken and recharge your career passion to engage powerfully with your team and organization


We work with Leaders

Redesigning Your Career for Exponential Growth


We are  the strategic thought partner for executives and teams that are successful, but a 5%-10% shift is needed. Our leaders possess a unique business acumen that include unrecognized and underutilized skills.  We focus on results and the scoreboard while shifting clients from command and control style operators to coach and mentor style leaders. Our clients learn to tap into their ordinary to achieve resilient exponential growth.

We work with professionals to discover their perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep-rooted passion for personal transformation = an engaged and high performing employee.There are things in life that require extraordinary effort, but I trusted all of the steps in my journey could be completed by being ordinary.  

  • Creates long term solutions, not just band-aid fixes
  • Gives you greater awareness into how you think, feel, and act
  • Helps you perform better and accomplish greater results with less effort
  • Enables you  to reduce stress by changing your reaction to circumstances
  • Empowers you to be at the cause of your lives, instead of its effect
  • Sets the stage for sustainable change

“This course came into my life at an opportune time when I was experiencing some transitions professionally and personally. The process was immensely integral in helping me navigate and cope with these transitions. It has taught me powerful life changing tools that I plan to exercise permanently. I’ve learned the importance of being patient and present in the moment.
I also now see the value in carving out one on one time for myself. Ultimately it has given me the courage to approach life optimistically, no matter the challenges/setbacks. It has enabled me to tap into a mindset that will assist me in living life with passion, purpose and impact. I’d like to thank my coach for she has enlightened me in more ways then she knows. ” 

– Jennifer, Advertising Executive

“I’m fortunate to do the kind of work I always wanted to do, but most people in my job are miserable to one degree or another, due to stagnant careers, frequent leadership shifts, and backstabbing behavior. Being surrounded by so much negativity made it difficult to separate the important and unimportant challenges, which impeded my productivity and decreased my desire to go to a job I love. I hired Ebony because I needed to learn how to thrive in that environment, so that I could move up, not out. Ebenum Equation helped me focus on my work, goals, and progress in spite of what was happening around me. As I found flow, my desire to work increased, confidence was built, and I am achieving my goals again. I recommend Ebony Smith to people who need to find flow again, especially those who’ve been so intentional but are stuck where they never imagined being, wondering what went wrong between the decisions they made and where they are now. Our weekly conversations helped me separate the important challenges from the unimportant ones and refocus on why I do this job. I now have creative responses to the unimportant challenges and the mental energy to address the important ones such that my energy is directed only toward accomplishing my goals.”  

– Beth K, Tenure Track Professor